Abolishing Confederate Hero's Day

It’s time to abolish Confederate Heroes Day as an official Texas holiday!

The next one is SIX months away (January 19) and we must RAISE OUR VOICES TO DEMAND CHANGE.

HB 1193, authored by State Representative Jarvis Johnson (D-Houston) to abolish the holiday, was left pending in the State Affairs Committee in 2019. As we look ahead to the 2021 Legislative Session, let's build statewide momentum in support of this courageous admonishment of hypocrisy.

Who exactly are the Confederate Heroes, you ask?

They are failed war generals that supported a racist cause. For too long, vestiges of the past have been openly displayed in the form of statues, observances, and namesakes.  Confederates were not heroes, they were insurrectionists who fought to uphold chattel slavery.  Any remembrance of them should be aligned with the fact that they were traitors to the United States Constitution.

In Germany, all references to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have been banned by statute. Yet, Black citizens of Texas are forced to look past these unbelievably offensive displays.

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