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Chairman's Message

My name is Carroll G. Robinson and I am reaching out to you and Black Democrats, all across Texas, to get your help and support to better organize and empower Black Democrats in our state from our rural communities to our suburbs and urban cities.

These are extraordinary times and the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats is an extraordinary organization that was founded in 1980 to help protect and empower Texas Black Democrats during challenging times like these.

The power and influence of The Coalition grows out of our membership and their active involvement in: the statewide organization, their local chapter and communities across the State, and the collective strength of the power of our vote in all elections.

The Coalition has built this website to make it more inviting, user friendly, empowering and valuable for our members and all who are committed to securing and ensuring economic equity and the equal protection under the law for Black Texans.

As you utilize and navigate this new website, please provide us with both your feedback and recommendations for additional content for improving the site as a tool for helping to register, educate, empower and increase turnout among Black Democrats across the state, especially in the rural counties of East and West Texas and the suburban areas surrounding the urban centers of our state.

Please explore and share our website and make sure you join The Coalition and get actively involved in our efforts to protect our democracy and our civil rights and civil liberties. The Coalition needs your active involvement to help us fight the regressive elements in our state and nation who are trying to drag us backwards to a time when we effectively had no right to vote, our lives were not valued and we were overtly excluded from equal access to economic opportunities and financial prosperity.

The reality of our time is that we must remain vigilant and this website is one example of how The Coalition will be utilizing technology to empower our members and allies so that we keep Texas and our nation moving forward.

Welcome and thank you for your support of The Coalition and your commitment to working with us to protect, defend and advance the cause of justice.

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