Pastoral Advisory Committee

The Pastoral Advisory Committee of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, lead by Bishop Kenneth R. Murray, Sr., is comprised of a diverse group of faith-based leaders who represent Black communities across the state.  The TCBD Pastoral Advisory Committee was established as a unification initiative to share voter information, collectively support issue resolution and build partnerships to improve the welfare of Texas’ communities.


The goals of the Pastoral Advisory Committee are to:


  • Provide spiritual support and leadership to the TCBD Executive Committee and membership;

  • Advise the Chairman on critical issues that directly involve their faith-based organization or community-based organizations in their region of the state;

  • Provide information, news and updates to their congregation and charitable groups;

  • Form recommendations on how TCBD can more effectively partner with faith-based organizations to help motivate the community;

  • Plan and support faith-based community events that serve the purpose of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats state and local chapters;

  • Host a quarterly or as needed prayer call agreed upon by the Chairman and Bishop Murray.

To protect and empower Black Democratic voters and the officials we elect as well as advancing an agenda focused on justice, opportunity, equity and economic prosperity.

Email: texasblackdemocrats2020@gmail. com

Address: P.O. Box 163712, Fort Worth, TX 76161

Texas Coalition of Black Democrats
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